Back To ‘Normal’, I Guess

I drove by Dad’s on my way to work Friday morning, and his truck was there.  A few hours later, Mom called my cell and left me a voicemail – two, actually.  Just to let me know that they, meaning she and Dad, will be taking me to court.  For real this time, because she’s had enough fooling around.  Really.  One of her friends will help her with it, too.  Really.  She’s serious this time.  And she means it.  If I don’t act like a man and tell my wife that the kids need their grandparents then she’s going to court to get custody of them.  Really.

She did remember that it was my anniversary last week, and that she didn’t call because she doesn’t want to celebrate it or even acknowledge that it exists at all.  She also reminded me that I missed her birthday too, but that it obviously wasn’t important to me any more.

She left me another voicemail on Saturday.  Apparently one of her spies (read neighbors) reported back to her that I had driven down their street Friday morning.  On Sunday she called but hung up without leaving a message.


Just so it’s clear, Mom will NOT be taking us to court.  I’d like nothing better than to get her under oath in front of a judge, and confront her with the messages that she’s left directly for the kids.  Just listening to those messages would take probably two days in court, let alone the ‘good’ ones she’s left for me.  Dad knows what would happen, and somewhere deep she does too, so she won’t ever do anything more than threaten.  The same way she threatened to go on Oprah or Dr Phil.

Also, Mom is no longer manic.  She’s at an emotional level that would easily be called normal.  Not any happier, kinder, or more sane, just no longer manic.

And one of the recurring themes from the last several messages, starting in the spring I think, is that Dad really doesn’t want to see the kids either.  They’re cold when talking with him, and he has to pump them for information when they visit.  I’m going to ask him about that the next time I see him.  I also have to remember to ask him why he thought he needed to ask me if the kids could talk to Mom.  If I had to guess, he probably thinks Mom is improving just because she’s not running perpetually hot now.  I need to make him understand that Mom can’t see the kids because she’s manic, but because she’s evil.  (Yes, evil.  I put half a dozen different words there, only to erase them.  Evil is the only one that encompasses the entirety of her behavior.  I’m going to have to find a different word or set of words when I talk to Dad, though.)


~ by namegoeshere on July 21, 2008.