No, Mom’s Not Dead

If any of you saw the obit in the Vallejo Times-Herald or got an email about it, Mom is NOT the person mentioned in it.

If you didn’t, you can read it at snopes.

It does give some food for thought, and it’s refreshing to see honesty where everything is usually whitewashed.

~ by namegoeshere on August 24, 2008.

3 Responses to “No, Mom’s Not Dead”

  1. 😆

    That is pretty bad.

  2. Too bad it wasn’t dear old mom. You could copy and save that obit and then personalize it just for her.

  3. Wow…I read that obit and had a plethora of mixed emotions. At first glance, it is quite biting. But then again…I think it serves as a sort release for the writer…and it certainly makes the reader think, “I hope I’m not leaving that kind of legacy. Am I? Am I a good person? Will I be missed?” If it moves any reader to step up to the plate and “do the right thing,” then it was worth printing. Most people are inherently good, some are not. The situation reminds me of times when I hear “she may be a horrible mother, but she’s the only one you have, blah, blah.” The way I see it—if your mother is truly horrible, you owe her nothing except a thank you for giving you life. That’s it. Why people feel a need to make allowances for horrible people and cling to hope that they will change is beyond me.

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