2nd Long Overdue Update

A few months back (Yes, I know.  I haven’t been posting much) I got a call from Dad.  He needed another copy of the Dr. report from when they were on holiday.  I made him a copy and stopped by on the way home from work the next day to drop it off.  He had a visitor, one of the ‘kids’ (read early 20’s) from the beach, who was stationed at the nearby military base.  We chatted for a little while, and he said that he was going to the cabin for a few days, but would be back early the next week.  I asked him to give me a call when he returned, so that he could see the kids.  A week went by, and I drove past his house.  His truck was there, but he didn’t call.  Just reinforces what I said earlier.

I’ve also had VERY few messages from Mom.  Less than one a month in the first half of the year, and less than one every other month recently.

Our lives have settled into a ‘new normal’, which is quite calm and completely lacking the drama that Mom brings.  Nobody seems to miss it at all.

My two older kids have birthdays before Thanksgiving, and then Christmas.  All of them have triggered Mom in the past, so we are all a little anxious around them.  Just keeping my fingers crossed that she doesn’t attempt contact aside from the mail and phone.

It sounds strange to say it, but we’re much happier without Mom in our lives.

~ by namegoeshere on November 1, 2009.