Visit from Dad

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, I was up fairly early (especially for me on a Saturday).  I checked my phone while I was fixing breakfast, and Dad had tried calling.   The call was from his cell phone, and I was debating whether to call him back or not when he called again.  So I answered it.

It was Dad, and he wanted to see the kids!

After verifying that Mom would not be with him, we set up a time.

The kids and I sat on the back of the truck and talked with him for over an hour.  The boys showed him their ‘new’ (read Last Christmas) casterboards, which he hadn’t seen before.  He had some amusing stories about the black bears breaking into the screen porch for a cup of birdseed, and how the bears and deer vanish the day before hunting season starts.  Dad also had stuff to drop off for my Daughter.  It looked like one of Mom’s ‘Boxes of junk'(tm) that had been filtered.  It contained a birthday card that had been signed, but had no other writing in it (unheard of for Mom).  The strangest thing was a DVD of ‘High-school musical 3’, which was threaded on a coat hanger.  The only malicious thing left was an unopened pack of underwear about 5 sizes too big.

He seemed to be his gregarious self again, and he looked healthy.

Mom has taken up residence at the cabin, and Dad hasn’t settled in one place.  He did say that he would call when he got back into town.

I’m not holding my breath that he will, but it would be nice.

~ by namegoeshere on December 2, 2009.

4 Responses to “Visit from Dad”

  1. Although I’ve heard it before, it always makes me feel better to know one more time that I’m not the only one who checks to make sure my mom won’t be there.

    I’m almost 49 years old, and I’m still afraid of her.

    My kids aren’t afraid of her, but I think they’ve come to understand a little more. I know they don’t understand entirely.

    I fantasize about fixing my relationship with my mother, and fear that if I don’t my own daughter will retaliate one day for me ‘breaking up the family’. But every time I think it through, I just can’t make myself do it because I know where it will go.

    So I guess what I wanted to say was, thank you for writing that.

  2. I too have a bipolar mom.And my dad is crazy strict.Tell me how you deal with this kind of thing.

  3. My mother is bipolar, and thankfully, it sounds like she is functioning better than your mother, but lately, she has gotten worse, and my upcoming wedding is putting a real strain on our relationship. Think bipolar disorder plus midlife crisis…not pretty. Any tips for coping? How do I keep from becoming resentful of my mother?

  4. 🙂 This sure is balm to my soul. So, I am not the only one who gets crazy, random boxes of junk full of things that just leave you scratching your head as to why she bothered?

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