Welcome BabyCenter.com community

I checked the stats today, and WOW.  Over 11,000 hits today and counting.  Prior, my busiest day was a little over 800, during my trip driving Mom and Dad back after mom was released.

Some things you might be interested in:

On the right, the static page ‘Experiences‘ has quite a few comments from people with similar situations, and is occasionally used as a forum for a few frequent visitors.

The entire story (or at least the interesting parts that I remember) can be easily accessed from the ‘In the proper order‘ page, which has all the history sorted chronologically, and skips interludes & other non-event type posts.

The ‘Mom’s access to the kids‘ page is there for historical reasons, but is no longer in use because the question has been answered.

The ‘Questions‘ page used to be used, but has fallen out of use for some time.  It is still open and available.

Poke around and feel free to comment or ask questions if the mood strikes, and thanks for stopping by.

And can someone please explain what a ‘Llama Feast’ is?

~ by namegoeshere on February 21, 2011.

2 Responses to “Welcome BabyCenter.com community”

  1. A llama is… Well it’s a drama llama more appropriately. Llama’s like to eat a lot and everybody seems to have one. You just can’t help but “feed” it, ie by reading or hearing about other peoples “drama”.
    It’s took me most of the day, but I read all of your posts. My llama wants to be sick.

    I’m glad you have finally gotten your mother out of your life and you are absolutely right to cut her out and not allow any contact. It sounds like life has gotten a lot easier for you in the last couple of years.

  2. It has taken me all evening to make it through this. But wow. I’m glad that things finally seem to be normal for your family. Once your blog got mentioned on babycenter it exploded. Lol. The ladies there are all awesome and have great advice. And if you haven’t already check out the DWIL and FOO board.

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