The Yearly Visit?

My phone wasn’t charged, so I missed a call on Saturday from Dad’s cell.  After I charged it I was surprised to find that the message was actually from Dad.  He & Mom are in the area, and he would like to stop by and see the kids.

I called him back – about an hour after he left the message, and found out that Mom was at the hairdresser and he only had a little over an hour before they had to leave for a function.

He came over and He and the kids and I talked in the front yard for the entire hour.  Not about anything major, just normal stuff.

He wasn’t surprised that the kids had grown, but it had been over a year since he saw them last.  He also hadn’t seen either of our puppies, the 18 month old male that we got last January, or the 5 month old female we got last month.  They’re the same breed that I had when I was little, and he got to tell some of the stories about them.

A pleasant hour later, he had to go.  He mentioned that they would probably be in the area more often, at least until the summer, and that he would be back over to see the kids again.

~ by namegoeshere on February 28, 2011.